We provide accurate, unbiased, meaningful data analysis to inform accountability and support evidence-based decision making, with a focus on improving student achievement and closing the opportunity gap.


To be a team of professionals who are valued for our expertise in analytics, research, and data to support our educational partners in preparing college and career ready graduates.

Collective Commitments

#1. We will approach our work with an equitable lens, keeping a student-centered focus.

#2. We will keep educational partners informed of the academic status of our district using transparent, relevant and unbiased data.

#3. We will be service-oriented, providing timely and responsive support to departments, school sites, families, and community.

#4. We will develop collaborative and collegial partnerships to promote shared ownership to meet interdepartmental goals.

#5. We will engage in meaningful job-imbedded professional learning to enhance our capacity by expanding our internal expertise and value in FUSD.


#1 We will improve our district’s accountability practices and create a collaborative culture by establishing AMA and external expectations. (Accountability)

#2 We will streamline and standardize our data resources and practices to provide reliable reporting to support site and departmental needs. (Measurement)

#3 We will, as appropriate, provide both qualitative and quantitative analysis to improve student outcomes. (Analysis)

#4 We will provide AMA team members the opportunity for growth through professional learning and cross-training. (AMA)

#5 We will promote our district’s data literacy by collaborating with district educational partners through multiple avenues. (AMA)

#6 We will establish and communicate AMA’s processes and procedures for systemic support. (AMA)

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